6th European Laryngological
Live Surgery Broadcast

24th November 2021 | 9.00 - 16.00 CET (GMT+1)

Dr Yakubu Karagama (London)

58 year old male with left vocal cord palsy (left adductor vc paralysis with some atrophy and phonatory gap) due to a revision thymomectomy (note the tumour was wrapped around the recurrent laryngeal nerve on the left side and had to be sacrificed. He works as a fashion company and struggles to use his voice. He does not take any medication has no allergies is a non-smoker and does not drink alcohol. This man has undergone laryngeal electromyography (right TA/LCA complex, PCA normal), left thyroarytenoid muscle shows some volitional units (scanty)innervation. The majority of the nerve is denervated with spontaneous fibrillation and positive sharp waves. He is undergoing a left reinnervation procedure connecting the left ansa cervicalis and left recurrent laryngeal nerve. Concurrently a left injection medialisation with restylane injection will be placed in the paraglottic space on the left side to help treat the palsy until the nerve fibres have had a chance to connect usually in 6-12months.